Chevrolet offers owners peace of mind

Although Chevrolet UK has ceased new car sales we continue to support our Chevrolet Owners with a network of Authorised Repairers and a range of services. Find out more below…

New car sales ceased

New car sales to cease 31 December 2015

Chevrolet is ceasing its new car business in Europe. Chevrolet UK Limited is expecting to cease the sale of new Chevrolet vehicles on 31 December 2015.

As a Chevrolet customer you may rest assured that Chevrolet UK Limited and the Chevrolet brand is committed to serving you and your vehicle in the future. Chevrolet remaining dealers (until 31st December 2015) and Chevrolet authorised repairers will continue to provide service and supply Chevrolet original parts for Chevrolet vehicles in the same manner as today. Any express written warranty or service plans on Chevrolet vehicles remain unchanged and will be fully honoured in accordance with the terms of the applicable agreement.

Authorised Repairers

Even though Chevrolet is ceasing new cars sales in Europe, we are still there to service and repair your car in the future through our network of authorised repairers. They will continue to provide service and supply Chevrolet original parts for Chevrolet vehicles in the same manner as today. About 2,000 Chevrolet service points will continue to operate in Western and Central Europe to provide you with the service. In the UK there are  authorised repairers available to serve you. You can find their addresses here.

Contact us

If you need any help or support you can call us or  send us an e-mail with your questions or comments. And if you need travel assistance you can call the Euro Service emergency numbers


Visit Vauxhall Website

Looking to buy a new Chevrolet? Unfortunately that is no longer possible. But the good news is  that Vauxhall offers an extensive range of high quality, great-looking vehicles, equipped with great technology and features.

Owners' & infotainment manuals

Looking for performance specifications or servicing information? Want best advice on running and caring for your Chevrolet? Find all this and more in your car’s owner manual.

End of vehicle life

All good things have to come to an end. We’re sure your car will give you many, many years of driving enjoyment and service, but we know that one day it will be time to say goodbye.

At Chevrolet we’re committed to honouring our legal obligations - alongside our commitment to recycling. We’ll take your End of Life Vehicle back for you free of charge*, enabling up to 85% of your old car to be recycled or recovered. We are also committed to taking back Daewoo models.

Euro Service travel assistance

Drive with total confidence 24/7. Should you break down, Chevrolet Euro Service does everything to get you to your destination easily and quickly. It’s active for 36 months once you’ve registered your new Chevrolet. And it operates in more than 40 European countries, so is ideal if you’re planning a driving holiday.


Chevrolet wants you to enjoy hassle-free motoring. From actually buying one of our cars to having it serviced and, if necessary, having repairs performed under warranty, we want the whole process to be straightforward and convenient, with no hidden costs and great value for money. Our cars are thoroughly reliable but if they do go wrong, you’ll benefit from our comprehensive warranty. There are more than 100 Chevrolet Authorised Repairers across the UK where your vehicle may be serviced or repaired.