New Chevrolet car sales have ceased

New car sales to cease 31 December 2015

Chevrolet is ceasing its new car business in Europe. Chevrolet UK Limited is expecting to cease the sale of new Chevrolet vehicles on 31 December 2015.

As a Chevrolet customer you may rest assured that Chevrolet UK Limited and the Chevrolet brand is committed to serving you and your vehicle in the future. Chevrolet remaining dealers (until 31st December 2015) and Chevrolet authorised repairers will continue to provide service and supply Chevrolet original parts for Chevrolet vehicles in the same manner as today. Any express written warranty or service plans on Chevrolet vehicles remain unchanged and will be fully honoured in accordance with the terms of the applicable agreement.

About 2,000 Chevrolet service points will continue to operate in Western and Central Europe to provide you with the service, repair and warranty work that your car might need in the future. In UK there are 90 dealers and authorised repairers available to serve you. You can find their addresses here.

Should you need additional support, please call our customer hotline: 0800 06 06 06.

I received a product recall letter. What do I do?

Please follow the instructions contained in the letter and schedule an appointment with your authorized repairer. To locate an authorized repairer near you, please check the locator on the website.

For how long / how many years will Chevrolet continue to supply service parts for my car?

We will continue to supply Chevrolet original parts for Chevrolet vehicles for a minimum of 10 years after the last new Chevrolet has been sold in the UK.

I leased a Chevrolet. Will I complete my leasing period and return the car as planned?

Your leasing contract will remain unchanged. Only your leasing company can discuss or agree on any contractual changes.

I bought a Chevrolet, which has not yet been delivered. Will I still receive the car?

Your order is still valid. Please contact your dealer relative to delivery of the car.

Why has Chevrolet decided to exit the new vehicles sales in Europe?

Due to a number of adverse factors affecting the automotive business in Europe during the last few years, Chevrolet’s business results have been, and were forecast to continue to be, unacceptable. For that reason, the decision was taken to cease the sale of Chevrolet passenger cars in West/Central Europe. However, Chevrolet will continue to offer its full range of Chevrolet passenger cars in Russia and the Commonwealth of Independent States and the Corvette and Camaro sports cars in select European markets, including EM. In addition, GM remains committed to Europe as a key region and will focus its resources on the Opel/Vauxhall brands in Europe in the future.

With the exit from the new car sales business in Europe, do you plan to cancel your partnership with Manchester United?

The partnership with Manchester United is of global nature and we intend to continue this relationship to help build the Chevrolet brand around the globe. We are particularly proud that the Chevrolet bowtie is now on the new shirt of Manchester United.