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When it's time to say goodbye

All good things have to come to an end. We’re sure your car will give you many, many years of driving enjoyment and service, but we know that one day it will be time to say goodbye.

At Chevrolet we’re committed to honouring our legal obligations - alongside our commitment to recycling. We’ll take your End of Life Vehicle back for you free of charge*, enabling up to 85% of your old car to be recycled or recovered. We are also committed to taking back Daewoo models.

What does the law state?

In March 2003 the UK government transcribed the final part of the "End-of-life Vehicle Directive" (2000/53/EG) into national legislation covering England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.
This legislation requires that all car manufacturer's and vehicle importers of new cars into the United Kingdom;

- Take back vehicles from last owners or keepers at the end of their life and to ensure that they are treated in an environmentally responsible fashion.
- Meet, with the assistance of economic operators, recycling and recovery targets of 85% of the vehicles weight by 2006 and 95% by 2015.

A requirement of the new regulations is that a network of Approved Treatment Facilities must be made available to last owners to take their end of life vehicles to, for environmental disposal.

The Approved Treatment Facilities should on average, for 75% of last owners, be located within a 10-mile radius and no greater distance away than 30 miles.

All manufacturers are obliged to operate an ELV policy. All vehicles registered for the first time after (enter enforcement date) must be taken back. From 2007, this same rule will be extended to all other vehicles, regardless of their registration date. Find your nearest Chevrolet-contracted dismantler.

How to dispose of your Chevrolet or Daewoo End of Life Vehicle:


If you wish to dispose of your vehicle you will now require a "Certificate of Destruction" (COD) to confirm correct environmental disposal. A COD can only be issued by an Approved Treatment Facility.

Chevrolet has appointed Autogreen Ltd as our sole service provider in the UK to manage the free take back of our last owner's vehicles. Both Chevrolet and Daewoo branded vehicles are eligible for free take back through Autogreen.

Autogreen can provide advice on whether or not your vehicle qualifies for free take back as well as the location of your nearest Chevrolet/Daewoo/Autogreen take back facility.

For more information please visit Autogreen's web site which includes a post code locater for your nearest Approved Treatment Facility.

Or call the Chevrolet/Autogreen free phone help line on 0800 542 2002.

Autogreen's contracted network of treatment facilities are approved and fulfil all legal requirements. Furthermore they are audited according to our quality criteria and will be subjected to Autogreen's and our regular monitoring.

Pre-treatment and depollution

What will happen to vehicles when they come to the end of their lives?
Firstly, the vehicle will be de-polluted according to legal requirements which will involve all the vehicles fluids (including fuel) being drained along with the removal of the following;

- Batteries
- Rubber tyres
- Lead wheel weights
- Air conditioning gas
- Catalytic converters
- Mercury switches

All of these waste products will be recycled or reused. Pyrotechnical units (such as airbags) will be neutralized by in-vehicle-deployment.


The car is then dismantled and the components are either re-marketed as used parts or used as the basis for re-manufactured parts. All other components are recycled if economically viable.


Hazardous materials are collected and dispatched to specialist centres for recovery or safe disposal.


The pre-treated hulks are delivered to a shredder which separates the ELV into segments and sorts them for further recycling or recovery.

Post-Shredder Technology (PST)

This separated material is processed using different technologies (magnet, eddy current, flotation) to extract material fractions which can be used as valuable secondary raw materials.


Material fractions from the shredder and from the PST plants can be recycled (e.g. as replacement for coal in blast furnaces, dewatering means in sewage plants) or recovered in the cement industry. This process enables a recovery of 85% of the vehicle and drastically reduces the amount of landfill waste.

Terms and Conditions for Free of Charge Take Back
Chevrolet is obliged to take back all vehicles from January 2007, free of charge to the last owner provided certain qualifying conditions are met. Chevrolet will also be responsible for providing free take back of Daewoo branded vehicles. Also, vehicles placed on the market after July 2002 (Chevrolet's and Daewoo's) are already entitled to free take back as long as the same conditions are met. The conditions are;

The vehicle must either be;
- A passenger vehicle with a maximum of 9 seats
- A commercial vehicle with a maximum weight of 3.5 Tonnes
The vehicle must also meet the following;

- All significant components such as engine, gearbox, chassis, bodywork, catalytic converter, wheels and electronic control units must be present in the vehicle.
- There must be no additional waste in the vehicle.
- The owner/keeper of the vehicle must have the vehicles registration document or able to supply proof of identity.

Recycling oriented design

Chevrolet’s recycling oriented design strategy is an important element of our product responsibility.